Five soldiers sustains gunshots in Rumbek East

Youth at cattle camp in Lakes State

The Commissioner of Rumbek East County says five soldiers have been wounded in fresh clashes between Local Arm Youth and security forces at Pacong Payam.

The youth group known as “Gelweng” Openfire at government soldiers deployed to stop the attack against Maleng’agok Community on Monday morning. The cause of fighting remains unclear.

Commissioner Mapuor Malek Malual says two of his bodyguards were wounded, and the youth has taken four firearms, including one PKM.

He narrated that his vehicle was parked later found with multiple gunshots but nobody in the car.

Malek spoke to Mingkaman 100 FM while he was at Rumbek State Hospital, where his guards took Medication.

” As government authority, we heard the information at night that Gony section plans to attack Thuyic section in the morning. I and the Security Advisor and Minister of Local Government went to Pacong to contain the fight and the come passing heading Maleng-Agok we tried to stop them. Still, they opened gunfire injured my two guards and three others.

“The youth take away four guns belong to Soldiers at Pacong this morning am now in Rumbek hospital with my guards, and tension is still high,” Malek said.

Commissioner says tension remains high, and security forces are station in the area to contain the situation.

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