Flood continues to displaced thousands of residents in Bor.

Lek-yaak residential area in Bor – credited: MINGAKAMAN FM

Some residents left homeless and forced to camp at Bor town’s streets as flooding increases in the area.

Citizens described situations as alarming, and they called for immediate humanitarian interventions to rescue people affected.

Residents said most families took refuge at school compounds, Churches, and the open high grounds.

Much flooding in Bor town has forced thousands of citizens out of their houses after torrential downpour broke dyke on Tuesday.

Pictures of villages along with River Nile and Marol market circulated on social media show the entire town has been affected.

They said the flooding would overrun the entire town if the government and agencies fail to respond quickly to repair the broken dyke in the next few hours.

“Kids are being placed in a floating plastic sheet to float on the water, and if it rains at night and we don’t have enough plastic sheets, how bad would it be to us.

“This is what confuses us! If the government and the Partners have said today that they are not able to fix this broken part of the dyke then, they supposed to tell us to see our to do,”-” It’s coming from all the direction from Pawau, and it’s crossing the town, it’s all over-where do we go?.”—” And insecurity in another issue, we supposed to take our people to the old cattle camps, but where is the security. Now it’s hard to find where to cook only for the kids. It’s flooded all together.”-” We will be together to provide the food, we may try our best to protect our people this night, but how about what to eat, where do we get them” residents said.

The relief organization – RRC Director Gabriel Deng promised that agencies are preparing to start a verification assessment that would determine the urgent needs.

Deng explained that the water flows from two significant directors of the town, Eastern and the bank of the Nile.

“My message to Bor town is that the humanitarian community and the government stand in solidarity with you at this challenging moment, and we believe everything is going to be sorted out. So we urge everyone to bear with us, we will respond as time allows. Deng stated”

Gabriel adds, his office has requested the UNMISS field office in Bor to fix the broken part of the dyke, which pours much water to the town.

Bor town lies closer to the bank of River Nile in Jonglei state, and it gets flooded every year due to its flat.

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