Floods displaced 4,500 people in Southern Unity.

Flood dispaced Resident in Dhorbuoy, Leer County.

Massive flooding has displaced more than 4,500 people in the first week of August. Many residents in Leer, Mayiandit, and Panyijiar Counties left homeless.  Several villages, such as Dhorbuay, Pantoot, Thakker, and Pilieny Payam were affected. Unprecedented flooding has become such a difficult phase that was causing more anxiety to the state residents, according to the officials.

Local authorities in the areas said vulnerable people displaced include women, children, and the elderly. The secretary for Mayiandit County Relief and Rehabilitation Commission David Guong Tut has described the situation as a “serious catastrophe” that has destroyed unproductive crops and property. The IDPs lack food and mosquito nets.

“If you see people move into high land in jaguar because others soil is not good when water came more people are living under the tree with old plastic they make to prevent rain” he reiterated” 

Authority said the flooding does not only affected human beings, but it includes animals. Mathew Gattiek Riak, the director of animal and fisheries, revealed many cattle were suffering because of “environmental effects due to mixture of crude oil and water”. The poor living condition for cattle has become a significant obstacle. 

NGO assessment 

The humanitarians’ organization has conducted an evaluation in Dhorbuay area of Leer County on Tuesday. NGO assessment has confirmed that flooding has displaced more than 2,600 from their home.

That assessment team had led by the Universal Intervention and Development Organization. Some national NGOs include Hopes Restoration and Coalition for Humanity have participated in the assessment.

Helen Madardo is a UNIDOR county health coordinator. She says they will provide immediate assistance to the affected population. 

“They are flooding all their crop are even flooding completely we have seen most of the children are off. They don’t have a mosquito net. They don’t have shelter, and they don’t have a place completely. They are in one high land; almost some of the population are coming to Leer County side; we leave them coming in”.

She explained the situation I saw today with all different agencies, and you may see shelter need medicine and wash protection. The water is very dirty. The children were defecating into the water, where they were drinking, so people must look for it critically in a challenging situation.

IDPs expectation

Flooding has sparked severe fear among the internally displaced persons. IDPs representative Maria Nyakaong Nhial said the lack of food, shelters, mosquito nets, and medicines was the major challenge.

“We need drugs for the children, have no food, and the flooding has destroyed everything. We believe that you are going to come and assess our situation; many families have no mosquito net and plastic sheet for shelter.” 

In 2019, over 700,000 people were reportedly displaced in many parts of the country, including Jonglei, Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap, and Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Eastern, and Central Equatoria States. 

President Salva Kiir declared the State of emergency in Jonglei and Pibor administrative area on Wednesday. The community described the flood as a national disaster.  

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