Four SSBC Engineers setting up new antenna died

South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) is the state's own Television and radio network based in Juba. (Logo and Antenna)

Four engineers died while constructing an antenna tower for South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation –(SSBC). Among the deceased are three Chines and one South Sudanese national.

The Managing director of SSBC, James Magok Chillim, said the incident occurred at 7 am on Tuesday, 13 July. 

He narrated the five engineers working in the construction were on the lift that took them into the top of the antenna. The lift collapsed, killed four people, and one is hospitalized.

“The Mixes engineers, Chines and South Sudanese national this morning they fall with the lift that takes them to the transmission tower has collapsed and they all fall. We lost four of them, and one still in the hospital. We didn’t wish this actually to happen, the company have all the measures in place, but of cost unfoundedly, this situation happen which is out of our hand” he said.

Magok also said the government had started an investigation on the circumstances for the death of Engineers.

“Police investigation department was here, and they do all investigation on how the incident happens, they have done the marking at the incident scene.”

 The managing Director Chillim further said the construction has stopped for weeks to mourns the death of workers and allow the company to get new people.

“This incident is tragic; we have to stop the work for a few days or weeks, and maybe it will resume later on when the Chines bring other Engineers.”

Earlier, the Minister of Information Michael Makuei’s statement said two people died on the spot, and three others were in critical condition. 

South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) is the state’s own Television and radio network based in Juba.

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