Government charge to protect civilians in Bentiu IDPs camp

Benitu Protection of Civilians site turned IDPs camp after management give to government

United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has handed over the Bentiu PoC site to the Unity state government. The government and SPLM-IO Joint Security Forces were deployed in the IDPS on Wednesday to protect civilians.

Minister of information and communication Gabriel Hon Makuei confirmed the handing over of the transit camp to the authority. He said UN peacekeeping forces had been withdrawn from the camp after the government officially took the responsibility.

Humanitarians actors and UN clusters were said will continue providing IDP with aid assistant.

Handing over the transit camp was attended by the governor Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuil, deputy governor. Tor Tunguar Kuicguong and all government dignitary officials as landing courtesy.

Last month government and UNMISS signed a memorandum of understanding to protect civilians residing in POC.

Governor Manytuil reiterated his commitment to the government to protect and deliver necessary services to the IDPs. He says the protection of civilians is their constitutional duty since the UNMISS mandates ended in the camp.

Governor promised to provide land for settlement to the displaced people. In the press release by the governor’s office, the IDPS representative applauded the leadership for taking over the responsibility.

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