Government condemns killing of pastor in Torit

The Late Rev Peter Lokai chairperson of African Inland Churches Council who was killed in Torit on Tuesday 18th May 2021

Eastern Equatoria State government have condemned the killing of Pastor Peter Lokai who was shot dead on Tuesday morning in Torit

The deceased was a chairperson of African Inland Church Council. Police say attackers seemed to have coordinated it to coincides with the African Inland Church general Assembly to elect a new Bishop.

According to the authority the incident happened at his house in Infanyak residential area after unidentified shooters fired bullets on his chest. And the pastor was rushed to hospital and later succumbed to injuries. The motive of the attackers remains unknown.

Minister of Information and Communication in Eastern Equatoria Patrick Oting Cyprian condemned the action and promised to apprehend the perpetrators to face justice.

“Around midnight, some people went into the late house call peter Lokai. According to the information that I have got, two-armed people and went to the house and they asked Peter to come out of the house, so Peter refused, but they keep discussing with him until the two convince him to open the door.”

“So, when he opened the door, immediately they shot him right there in his chest, ten minutes down the line when he reached the hospital, he just died because of internal bleeding. As a government, we condemn that kind of incident in the strongest term, in case that persons are got, they will face the law” He narrated.

Police spokesperson in Eastern Equatoria Major Justine Kelopas Takuru says no suspects arrested, but investigation underway.

The ongoing general assembly of the church has been suspended following the incident.

He called for calm and assured the public that the situation is under control as security organs have been dispatched to search for the perpetrators

“Investigation began yesterday, but up to we have not got the evidence and arrest anybody to confirm that is somebody. There is an investigation from our brothers from CIDs and national security through CID’s legal administration and director.”

“We will reach the result and see what happened exactly. The security situation in Torit Town is calm, there is nothing, and we have informed the civilians about fearing due to the incident.”

Last year, a senior national security officer was shot dead, and a Boda Boda raider was injured late last year.

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