Government imposes a night curfew in Torit

The Aerial view of Torit town in Eastern Equatoria

Eastern Equatoria state government has imposed a night curfew in Torit town following a youth group known as Monyomiji threatening NGOs to leave the area. The curfew will effect on Thursday from 7 PM -6 AM until the situation returns to normal.

The youth protested on Wednesday, demanding fair recruit at NGOs and UN jobs. The youth group gives the agencies 72 hours to evacuate counties of Torit, Ikwoto, and lofan.

Minister of Information in Eastern Equatoria State Patrick Oting Cyprian said the curfew imposed protects further violent action that might arise during the demonstrations. He stated that forces are deploying at residential areas to stop people from gathering.

“We have everything on standby, ready to counter whatever the question they are putting on their banners. So, we started by banning the gathering and the parties and all meetings. We have police moving around the town at night during the curfew.” Oting said.

The Civil Society Network in Eastern Equatoria has appealed to the Monye-miji in greater Torit to revoke their decisions.

Mr. Charles Okullu said the humanitarian is playing a vital role in supporting vulnerable populations at the state.

Mr. Okullu asks the Monye-miji to give the Civil Society a chance to conduct inclusive dialogue with the parties involved.

“Our appeal to the Monye-miji now number one if they could give a chance for us to help conduct a kind of dialogue and the dialogue should be inclusive, He said.

On Monday, the Vice President of the youth cluster Rebecca Nyandeng was in torit to address the monyomiji grievances on employment with NGOs.

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