Government introduced a media code of conduct

information, communication, and postal services Baba Medan speaking during the launch of Media Code of Conduct

National Media Authority has announced a code of conduct (regulatory law) for journalism in South Sudan.

Media Authority and Community Empowerment for Progress Organization initiated the document to guide media practitioners.

The deputy Minister information, communication, and postal services Baba Medan, UNMISS human rights representative, UNSECO, civil society, police, AMDISS, and Union of Journalists of South Sudan attended the events.

Deputy Minister of information Baba Medan urged the media to observe the law, report credible factual information, and avoids bias reporting base social media allegations.

Media Authority registered one hundred and ninety-two media enterprises, and accredited nine hundred international journalists.

Managing director Media Authority Elijah Alier Kuai says the code of conduct for the practice of journalism will enhance the standard realization public’s rights to have access to information through media reporting.

Alier observed that the public has the right to impartial, accurate, and balance information from the media on political, social, and economic development.

He warned journalists to practice professional journalism, cease disseminating bias information of hatred, discrimination, and provocative language in public statements.

Chairperson for Association of Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) Mary Ajith urged the government cooperation to protect press freedom and end news censorship in the media house.

National security was accused several times of removing news articles published in the newspapers, which journalists viewed as a violation of their constitutional rights to disseminate information to the public.

Executive Director of CEPO Edmund Yakana worried about the lack of law implementation in the country while appealing to the media fraternity and government to implement the code of conduct.

Secretary-General for RTGoNU Hon. Abdon Agaw Jok advised journalists to improve news writing for professional media credibility from the readership.

He mentioned some newspapers in Juba continuously published stories with errors on the front pages that undermine the excellent of journalism.

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