Governor Monytuil confirms 600 cow blood compensation.

Unity State Governor Dr Joseph Nguen Monytuil. PHOTO; Unknown source.

The governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Nguen Monyuil, has confirmed 600 cows have been collected to pay blood compensation for two women and two children killed on 31 August.

 The deceased was killed in Aja Kuach Payam of Twice County by unidentified gunmen from Mayom County. According to the authority, the suspected criminal who has committed crimes against innocent people not yet apprehended. The state government is collected cow from suspects’ relatives identified by the security department.

 On Monday, Executive Director of Mayom County Gadet Gany Madut said his State had collected six hundred cows to pay the blood of people recently killed in Gomgoi, Ajak Kuach Payam, on 31 August this year.

Some community members in Unity claimed that no collection was made so far, and it’s a propaganda government used for publicity.

Dr. Monytuil dismissed the claim. He said the process is ongoing, although suspects are still hiding, the blood compensation shall be done according to the Northern Corridor agreement in 2018. The terms of the Agreements stated that “Any person killed in self-defense from any community shall be compensated”. The Agreement was signed between Unity, Warrap States, and Abyei Administrative. 

The near-verbatim transcript of the  Governor Dr. Joseph Nguen Ponytail interviewed by, “The Radio Community” Journalist,  Simon Lieth Nyak.

Question: We have heard that Unity State  is collecting cows for the compensation of people killed on 31 of August  in Twice County. Tell us, is that true or not?

 Answer 1: “Yes, that is true; we are now working on the blood compensation for the decease children, the two children plus two women. So we have already collected the cattle, and we will be calling the father and his wife to come and take the cattle as blood compensation.”

 Question 2: Tell us what procedure have you use to collect those cows?

 Answer: You know, we in the Northern Corridor we have signed many, many agreements, on our peace conference we are using those regulations to mitigate all these such problems happening here and there, like this rampant killing and all these. So there are provisions that talk about this. We are applying those provisions so that we resolve these criminals’ activities. We are still finding the criminals because what they are doing is unlawful, and we will not accept it. It is not acceptable completely because killing innocent children or event immature adults to be killed in cold-blooded is unacceptable. 

 Question 3: Alright, Hon. Governor, you said that you are collecting those cows from people who you have committed some atrocity. how did you  managed to identify them as the real suspects to alleged?  

 Answer: Yes, they are really suspects, and we have their names. And we have full details about them, yeah. 

 Question 4: Those suspects were they taken to court?

Answer: They are not yet apprehended, they are still hiding somewhere, but I think by the end of the day, we will get all of them.

Last weekend, former head of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in defunct Bul West County was reportedly killed in a road ambush in the Bombiel area. The suspect has not been arrested but, authority in Unity asks its neighboring Warrap State to investigate the incident.

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