Governor warns prisons for unlawfully releasing inmates in Yirol

The governor of Lakes State has warned the Prison Services unit for letting prisoners free without a due process. Governor Makur Kulang angrily spoke after receiving a report of two released inmates who were mysteriously murdered  in Yirol town.

Governor Makur threatened to punish prison wardens over the illegal release without proper court orders. He further cautioned that some of the released criminals were found guilty of crimes involving loss of lives making them dangerous to the community. Their illegal releases may turn as a “blame of the government.”

The state governor also revealed that one escaped prisoner was found dead in Yirol town. The assailant was not identified. It further said the deceased had got involved in a fight that left four people dead and two other wounded at Nyang Payam of Yirol East County last week.

The local prisons authority promised to investigate the reason behind the increased illegal bailouts before inmates’ prison terms expired.

“I don’t want you to release the suspects with a murder case. It must stop! If the prisons release the people with major crimes, that is not lawful. We want to bring an end to the communal violence in Lakes State through the law.”

The prison director of prisons, Elijah Biar, admitted that some inmates easily escaped due to inadequate detention facilities. He claimed that the inmates also bribed their way out. The director said his administration would take disciplinary measures against officers on duty during the escape of prisoners and assured the citizens of a speedy solution to this menace.

“We are not going to allow any bailout at all because we have seen challenges now. Then the people with the major crime cases will go to Rumbek or other States with good facilities. Our prison is impoverished, and that is the reason some inmates do run-away,” Biar said.

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