Gov’t Reveal Creation of Special Courts to trial GBV cases at the states

Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut spokes to the media on Wednesday during the visit of diplomats to the GBV special in Juba, on Wednesday 3rd February 2021

South Sudan Chief Justice has revealed the government plan to create a Special court for only violence cases against women and girls. 

It’s named “Gender-Based Violence and Juvenile Court.” That Court began to trial several cases in Juba after being established two months ago.

Judges disclosed that the special Court mandates cases related to sexual violence, rapes, and forced marriage.

Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut spokes to the media on Wednesday during the visit of diplomats to the special in Juba.

He says the justice department is waiting for a new budget pass to assign judges to the states.

“There are plans to send judges on duty to different parts of South Sudan which are accessible and have enough security for the judges to attend the cases.”  said Reech

The Chief Justice stated that all allegations reported about GBV must be approved beyond a reasonable doubt with evidence, testimonies from witnesses, police, and doctors’ reports.

Sixty-four [64] tribes have different customary laws. The judges do not apply customary law if it contradicts fundamental human rights.

The Kingdom of Netherlands’s Ambassador pledged his government support to the Special Court.  

Jelte Van Wieren, Dutch Ambassador to South Sudan, says access to justice is crucial to promote peace and law rule.

 “I announced already today (Wednesday) that we are going to a new part of our support to the judiciary to support the psychosocial support unit within the Gender-Based Violence Court. So that people with traumas can get proper counseling, and can be accompanied, and also helped when they come with their cases to the Court”, Jelte said.

The diplomat offers to facilitate logistics of prisoners to attends court seasons.

On Wednesday, 3rd February, diplomats from different countries include the Kingdom of Netherlands, European Union, France, Norway, Germany, Canada, Japan, UK, and the UN Development Programme’s representative, visited the Gender-Based Violence Court at the Judiciary complex in Juba.


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