Hundreds of people fled villages over cattle raiding in Awerial

Reporter, John Juma Makur speaking to IDPs in MIngkaman

Hundreds of residents have fled Mayom, Pulawar, and Magok villages due to insecurity threats triggered by cattle raiding. People who were fleeing villages include women, children, and elderly people.
Three villages abandoned at Awerial County in Lakes State were bordering Tindelo and Tali of Terekeka County which they alleged the source of the displacement.
The community blamed Mundari and Aliab for creating tension. IDPs were temporarily settled in Mingkaman without aid assistant.
Athieng Aguot Nyanyith is a resident of Pulawar village. She ran away from her home for safety mentioning an alarm of being attack by cattle raiders in the neighboring Terekeka County.
“I came here after our cattle were raided by arms men last week inside Tindelo, we decided to come back to the village and it was insecure because people fear as tension is still very high and there is no protection there. That is why I come, closure to the government for my protection.”
One of the IDP Ayak Thuc said the village is not a safe place because the cattle raiding incident sparks tension between two neighboring communities.
She explained armed youth are taking the laws into their own hands, which need government intervention to hold perpetrators accountable.
Ayak appealed to Awerial and Terekeka County authorities to provide protection to civilians in both counties as cattle raiders terrorize rural communities.
“We don’t sleep at night since our people killed and dozens of cows taken; there are rumors of attack in our village. We decided to leave the area because there is no policy that can protect us. Two ladies were even killed when attackers were raiding our cows.”
Awerial County Executive Director James Manoah has confirmed the mass displacement instigated by growing anxiety at villages bordering Tindelo.
He said the two governments of Awerial and Terekeka Counties are working to control the situation.
“We heard about the displacement and both County’s government including Terekeka are working so hard on security issues because Mandari and Aliab are good neighbors for years. They had inter-marriages, and they have a lot of common relationships and friendships. We shall report these displaced residents to IDPs” Manoah stressed.
Last week, seven people were killed that include one woman and one girl. And several heads of cattle were believed to have been raided at Baping cattle camp by the suspected group in Tindelo areas.

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