“I will not return you to war again” Kiir assures the citizens

President Salva Kiir during Televise Address at the state house in Juba on the 10th Anniversary of South Sudan

President Salva Mayardit has reiterated commitment to durable peace in South Sudan through implementing the revitalized peace agreement in later and spirit 

The head of state address the nation on televise for the 10th Independence anniversary of South Sudan.

Kiir pledge to graduate fifty-three thousand Unify forces comprised of soldiers from all parties to the deal. “Despite many challenges include our inability to prove them with the necessary weapon because of arms embargo unfairly imposed on us, we’re committed to graduate them as a matter of responsibility under the peace agreement.” 

The president assured the citizens of durable peace and stressed the government to engage with the holdout group through the Rome Peace process. 

“The priority of the Revitalized transitional government of National Unity is the full implementation of the agreement with a focus on security and economic reform. We are also engaging the holdout group of the South Sudan Opposition Movement. This process is ongoing, and we were committed to reaching an agreement with our brothers and sisters of SSOMA to end insecurity,” He stated. 

Kiir highlights the key achievement of his government: full formation of government, parliament, and council of states reconstitution and functional of five govt clusters as stated in the agreement.

The president also noted the concern on the delay to pay civil servants and direct the Ministry of Petroleum to allocate 5,000 barrels of crude oil to boost the country’s economy. He also acknowledges the concern of youth on NGOs’ employment and them to stop violence against humanitarians as the government already decided to investigate the matter.

“I am aware that our civil servants have endured irregular salary payments for a long time as the salary scales have not been reviewed since we re-aligned our currency in 2015”.

He (president) has pardoned 15 prisoners serving jail terms in various prisons across South Sudan.

The government canceled Independence’s celebration this year as part of COVID-19 precautionary measures.

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