Immigration announces to resumes issuing Nationality and passports

Gen. Atem Marol Biar, Director-General of Nationality, Passport and Immigration in South Sudan.

The immigration department has announced the resumption of issuing national identity cards and passports for South Sudanese. The process was being suspended for nearly a year after the country failed to pay an international contracted company.

The German technology provider Muhlbauer Tech shut down the system due to unpaid bills.

Director-General of Immigration, Gen. Atem Marol Biar, said South Sudan had paid 1.4 million US dollars to the company as part of the balance the country owes them.

“The Ministry of Finance pays one million five hundred dollars, and we remain with the balance of about five million which will be payable by the government,” Marol said.

Gen. Marol said the company was instructed to prioritize providing an ordinary passport as most needed by the citizens.

” We’re going to receive twenty-two thousand cards of national IDs and three thousand nine hundred diplomatic passports. We have told them the most needed is a regular passport, and we don’t want to receive a diplomatic passport/National ID card without a regular passport,” He stated.

According to the Director-general, the resumption of immigration documents is expected to start next week.

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