Information Minister called for unify disarmament.

South Sudan’s Minister of Information, Communication and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth during inclusive Interview with TRC Journalist in Juba- 16th February 2021

South Sudan Minister of Information has called for holistic disarmament to avoid smuggling guns from one area to another during the exercise.

The call comes as the country has witnessed several criminal activities being committed by those with unauthorizing guns within the nation’s territory.

And these include cattle raiding, revenge killing, road ambushes reported daily.

In an inclusive interview with TRC’s journalist, Hon: Michael Makuei Lueth, the disarmament should not be partially done.

Makuei suggests that government should put in place an approach of conducting general disarmament exercise in the country.

 “The issue of disarmament cannot be done partly because it does not address the situation. It is supposed to be holistic. If it is holistic, it has to be an overall plan for disarmament because if I am disarmed today”. Makuei said

“If disarmament started from my village, we would rush our arms to your town. They say they have finished here in my village. So, it is supposed to be a holistic approach so that disarmament is done all over. South Sudan at ago so that you don’t give room to others to run away with their arms to the other side”, He stressed 

South Sudan People Defense Forces-SSPDF launched the disarmament exercise in many parts of the country, including Warrap and the Lakes States, targeting armed civilians. Those exercises were unsuccessful.

In August last year, more than 130 people died in the disarmament process in Tonj East – Romic of Warrap state.

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