IRC suspends its activities in Ganyiel, Unity State

Internal Recue Committee

International Rescue Committee has temporarily suspended its operation in Ganyiel Payam of Panyijiar County following the death of its medical staff Dr. Louis Edward Saleh, who was murdered by an unknown group last week.

An anonymous murder of Dr. Louis in Southern Unity received broader condemnation from the UN, youth, civil society, and government.

IRC County Director Caroline Sekyewa issued a public statement pausing her organization activities Ganyiel area, Panuijiar county. The organization says the decision is in line with global safety and security protocols that require their attention to undertake a thorough risk assessment on severe such incidents.

Some members of Panyjiar county concern that IRC’s suspension of its operation will have a severe negative impact on the lives of vulnerable people in need of medical attention.

Sekyewa justified that reason her organization stopped operation is to honor our beloved deceased colleague. And for the sake of psychological well-being, both friends in Unity state and other South Sudanese were traumatized by his untimely death.

Caroline stressed that can’t continue with business as usual without first understanding the situation and re-orienting staff bout the working environment. IRC draw some lesson to ensure that such an incident will not happen again.

The organization says its staff’s safety comes first and urges the national authority to expedite their investigation to determine the organization’s next step on service delivery.

“We will cooperate with authorities as they carry out their investigation.”

UN humanitarians Coordinator in South Sudan, Alain Noudéhou, condemns the brutal killing of an aid worker in Panyijiar County, which he said was a “horrific” attack against humanitarian.

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