Jonglei teachers receive three-month incentives

Headmaster-MAL-School-POC3- Juba 2020

One thousand, one hundred fifty teachers in Jonglei state have received incentives from the European Union’s quick impact project on Monday.

Education authority says each teacher paid 21,400 Pound, an equivalence of 120 US dollars for only public schools the state owned.

The money is covering a period of three, May, June, and July this year respectively. 

Deng David Buol, is a teacher at Kapat primary school in Bor. He encourages the European Union to pay the incentives monthly as the project boasts teachers motivation.

“These incentives are helping us that’s the first thing I can put forward, but the challenge is that they delayed they don’t come on time, but all in all, they are helping teachers a lot for those of us who will be getting this support it will help our families and ourselves as teachers.”

One of the female teachers Adol Deng Bior, says the instructors face difficult situations due to low pa. She called the government to improve teachers’ motivation to keep them in the profession. 

“I may say that the government should motivate teachers well because they are developing the country. Suppose there are no teachers in the country. In that case, the country will not prosper, and there are teacher’s children will receive a quality education in the country, and the country will be developed, so please motivate teachers very well.”.

The Director of the Bor county education department, Gabriel Panchol Anyang, commend the efforts of partners supporting the education sector in South Sudan. He says the incentives cover the gap of salary delay.

UNICEF implements the Quick Impact Project in collaboration with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI) and with support from the European.

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