Jonglei_Pibor Conference ends to form Special Court and deploy forces.

The Governor of Jonglei State, Denay Jock Chagor [left] and Greater Pibor Chief Administrator Joshua Konyi [right] speaking at peace conference in Juba on Monday,

The Peace Conference delegations for Jonglei State and Pibor administrative area have ended three days talks to form Special Court and deploy joint security force to protect civilians.

The conference was held in Juba on Monday 25th. Over 200 delegations in both communities participated in the events.

The delegates endorsed several resolutions hoping to end the inter-communal violence among the neighboring communities and return raided cattle to the owners.

Some of the resolutions validated include deploying joint security forces at the Gading area to stop cattle raiders, child abduction, and random killing of innocent people along the roads.

The traditional leaders were tasked with returning raided cattle, abducting children, and compensating the victims of the conflict. But it is not clear when will the court anticipated to preside over the cases will come to effect.

SPLM Youth League’s chairperson Daniel Abocha Ali condemned the practice of child and women abduction and demanded its immediate end. 

Two, identifying and punishing those involved in this unlawful and dreadful practice. Three, returning all abducted children and women to their rightful families by all communities.”

President Salva Kiir Mayardit calls the delegates to implement the fixed resolutions.

In his closing remark, Kiir warned that he will not orders any security forces to respond in any communal fighting again. “I have decided that for any fighting, I will not send any soldier, even police. You will be left to fight until one section run away from another. If you run away from the one fighting you, and come here, I will help and protect you” He said 

The President urged the youth not to be influenced by politicians to create instability. “Let us change the style of life if people talk of love. Love doesn’t come from the mouth, but action”.

On Monday, the governor of Jonglei State, Denay Jock Chicago, expressed concern that youth need jobs to stop the fighting. He urged the national government develops hospitals, schools, and roads in the villages.

The Greater Pibor Administrative Area leader, Joshua Konyi, said the conflict has killed many people and called the armed youth to accepted peace with their neighbors.

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