Journalists elect Patrick Oyet to be chairperson of UJOSS

Patrick Oyet, Chairperson elect of South Sudan Union of Journalists

The Union of Journalists in South Sudan elected Patrick Oyet as its new Chairperson with 39 voters, 6 for Michael Koma, and John Wulu gets three voters.

Forty-eight journalist cast their votes in the process observed by the Media Authority and UN mission in South Sudan.

Other elected members include Majak Daniel, General Secretary, and Yangi Justine for Treasure. The election concluded this afternoon following the annual general assembly meeting in Juba.

Oliver Modi’s outgoing Chairperson has urged the new leadership to continue to promote journalists’ safety, press freedom, ethical reporting, and protect the organization’s constitution.

The new Chairperson of UJOSS, Patrick Oyet, who works for the China TV network, pledge to consolidate the right of female’s journalists, create a solid working relationship with the government and involve states Union members in the decision-making process.

John Wulu Deng, a challenger running for the chairmanship, accepted the defeat. “Fellow Journalists Nationwide, thanks for your support you gave me during the union of Journalists of South Sudan election and to keep you informed I have lost the election,” Wulu posted on his Facebook page.

South Sudan Union of Journalists was formed in 2004 to champion the right and professionalization and promote press freedom.

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