Juba Court Dismissed Defamation Against Former Governor of Twic.

Court in South Sudan ruled in favor of Twic former leader

In Juba County High Court, juries have dismissed defamation cases against the former governor of defunct Twic state Atem Madut Yaak, charged last month of misconduct in contempt of Court.

The Businessman Mariano Ajuet sued Atem over the defamation case. Juba court charged the former governor after defamation alleged approval under the law. 

The former governor accused traders of blocking the return of raided cattle in neighboring Unity State. But, the businessman denied any wrong-doing.

In the sitting, a high-profile government official was fined on 26 February 2021 with a simultaneous amount of 50,000 SSP. The court also ordered the payment of 50 million pounds as compensation to Mariano Ajuet.

After the court verdict, Atem’s Lawyer Peter Malual rejected the court jurisdiction and claimed an appeal to the High Court for a fair ruling.

The copy of the court ruling seen by Radio Mayardit, 90.7 FM, and the Court has stated that according to the 2008 Transitional Constitution, a fine concerning defamation should not surpass more than 5000 Sudanese money.

On Thursday, 11 March 2021, Juba high Court finally dismissed the case against Atem Madut and considered the charges against him not amounted to a direct defamation claim.

Atem’s lawyer Peter Malual welcomed High Court’s decision, dismissing the case level against his client.

“We are pleased justice is present. The law can be following through with legal procedures. As we lost the case last month, we did not say that the law has been mistaken. We said previously that the Court had done its part. We felt unhappy with the court ruling, and we promised to continue the case in the high court, and we got our right today.”

Lawyer Malual further says the High Court’s decision has given Mariano Ajuet Akuei the right to appeal if he felt not convince with Court’s decision. 

He said his previous client’s charge of 50,000 pounds being paid as a fine to court ruling would be reimbursed to Mr. Atem Madut.

The complainer defends lawyer Maker Thon declined to comment on the court verdict. “Okay, I’m not aware, I’m not aware, we will receive our copy first; after that, we will comment.” 

It is not clear if Mariano Ajuet and his Lawyer, Maker Thon, will appeal after receiving Court’s formal communication.

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