A Triplet’s mother calls for support

Mother of triplets Regina Napeyok / Credit: Everlyn Losike /TRC

A mother who gave birth to triplets in Kapoeta Civil Hospital is calling for humanitarian assistance.

Regina Napeyok says she cannot produce enough milk for her three male babies due to a lack of food.

According to her, the husband and relatives never came to visit her since she was brought to the hospital on Monday.

“God has decided to give me these children. Toposa people couldn’t believe I gave birth yesterday. God helped me to reach here in the hospital so that I get help. I really got good support from the doctors here,” said Napeyok.

Napeyok is calling on the government and well-wishers to provide support to her for the better health of the kids.

“Let people help me, am not producing milk for the kids. I am saying people need to help me give food to eat I have nothing now and my husband has run away,” she said

Dorothy Abua, the health officer in charge of the maternity ward at Kapoeta Civil Hospital says Napeyok needs urgent help because she has nothing to feed on.

According to Dorothy the children are in good health but the mother lacks enough blood due to loss of blood during delivery.

“It is was yesterday in the morning that we received a mother from a PHCC she came with triplets live baby boys and the mother had retained product she came on the ground and we received her and we removed retained product but she bled a lot because she gave birth before yesterday and this mother currently is in need of much help there is no breast milk and there is no food for her,” said Dorothy.

She added that CCM organization managed to contribute 50 Kgs of maize flour, soaps, three basins and others but says is not enough.

Dorothy further stated that men should not abandon their wives during delivery because the child is a blessing from God.

“If the husband is to be right here with the mother maybe if the husband could support the mother psychologically because at night they may want to breastfeed the mother want to rest the husband can help it is a curse it is a blessing there are some people who are in need to triplets and they cannot get so we can encourage her and the people of this community that is not a curse but blessing,” explained Dorothy.

She is urging the public to avoid abandoning their loved ones during difficult times.

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