Kenyan denied the accusation of attacking civilians in Nadapal

Woman stand near military tank at Nadapal border

Authority of Kapoeta in Eastern Equatoria state has accused Kenya forces of undiplomatic harassment of civilians at the border of Nadapal.

Souring undiplomatic tension occurred after Kenyan forces being seen violating regional boundary, attacking South Sudan forces, and raided 47 goats, according to Kapoeta East County Commissioner.

Commissioner of Kapoeta East County Abdullah Angelo Lokeno says Kenya’s force launched a provocative attack after Kenyan authority purported that South Sudanese have stolen their “iron sheet,” making them attacking SSPDF military barrack.

State government investigation confirmed that Kenya Police Reserved was considered as people behind lingering attacks. 

“The problem, our brothers from Kenya, accused our civilians that they are stealing iron sheets yesterday at 2:00 PM according to their information. But from our side of South Sudan, there is nothing like that. They shot at our barrack, opening fire. They get out from their barrack and come up to near our barrack”. 

Border dispute remains a significant factor of conflict at Nadapal between South Sudanese and Kenyan authorities. Kenya forces were alleged of killing civilians and grabbing some land in South Sudan’s territory.

Lokichoggio administrator (ACC), who identified himself as Omono, disputed his forces offensive to South Sudan territory.

He acknowledged the border incident but branded it as a “minor case his officers at the border only tried scared the kids who attempted to steal government property at the border.”

Mr. Omono uses a counter-attack by accusing the South Sudanese military of testing their weapons towards Kenya, but the matter was resolved, and their highway is safe.

“The report I have is that there was an incident of vandalism last night. Some kids came to steal Kenyan government property at the border, and they were scared away by our officers”.

“Another report I have is an incident where the South Sudanese military tested some of their weapons; they shot them facing the Kenyan side and flew right inside Kenya. When we realized that there is that firing towards our side, we contacted the military commander of the other side, and he gave clarification, and we resolved the matter.”

Toposa communities of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State and the Turkana in neighboring Kenya were involved in a prolonged conflict caused by cattle raids and disputes over water sources.

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