Kolom’s IDPS demands medical assistant

Women and children at displaced camp in South Sudan

The internally displaced persons at Kolom villages who recently returned from Abyei administrative area needed a medical assistant.

Seven hundred people were previously displaced in January this year, after deadly attacks that left thirty-two people dead.

Suspected members of Misseriya armed men reportedly carried out the attack.

Returnee in remote villages said the area is lacking medical centers and mobile clinics. People were suffering from many diseases, including Malaria and pneumonia.

Area community representative Anei Ajak Malual calls on the Abyei department of health to intervene. He described the situation “terrible area.” But we have no choice. We can bear with it. Our more important call is to be provided with drugs”.

“Malaria is still high because the place is bushes, and there is no health facility around. So we are asking the government to help us. We asked them to deliver if there are drugs in the government store. We are not even talking about the shelters, even though our houses were burnt down into ashes during the attack,” said Anei.

The director for administration in the department of health in Abyei, Mr. Anyuon Padang, promised that a mobile clinic would soon be set up in Kolom. The community is lobbying for funding from the health partners in the Abyei region.

“There are no drugs available at this moment to rescue the situation, but we are engaging the health partners to support us. Also, the health workers who were previously working in Kolom before the incident have already left. Therefore, we are to recruit new health workers to fill the gap. All these will happen when we secure the medicines,’’ Padang explained.

This month, IDPs in Kolom living in Abyei started returning home after the humanitarian assistance allegedly stopped.

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