Labong reiterates commitment to peace implementation

Hon: Louis Labong Lojore, the Governor of Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria state has repeated his government’s commitment to implement the revitalized peace agreement.

Hon Louis Labong Lojore said the government would continue to disseminate the agreement to citizens in remote areas and ensure they participate in the process.

He called the International community to support South Sudan achieve peace through the deal parties signed in 2018

The governor made remarks during three days’ workshop UN Mission in South Sudan organized under the theme “working together and consolidating peace through political engagement and good governance’.’ It aims to create a conducive environment for implementing the revitalized peace agreement.

Labong said the government is using the available resources for the state’s sustainable development.

 “We in eastern Equatoria are so much committed to the implementation of the peace agreement. We are very much to reconciliation using the little resource that we have for sustainable development”. 

Lojore emphasized the need for a strategic plan to mobilize local resources to shun dependency on foreign aids.

“We must plan to liberate ourselves from dependence on foreign aids. Chiefs, we should not wait for help from people every day. I am hearing our people are now used to that when food will come, when UN will bring food, these should stop and let’s produce our food.” 

The Head of the UNMISS field office in Torit, Caroline Waudu, called the political leaders to accept criticism and work for peace, unity, and development. She said the forum UN initiated is hoping to help leaders discuss issues affecting peace implementation.

 “The forum is aimed at creating a very conducive environment for the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, including cooperation among the appointed officials and the peace partners collectively. We need to develop our state, provide security, and deliver services to each citizen in Eastern Equatoria.

“Leaders need to understand one another and respect each other’s ideas even if they belong to a different political party or hold a different opinion. I call on you as leaders to handle criticism constructively in a mature way and work for peace, unity, development of every citizen of Eastern Equatoria”, said Waudu.

The forum brought together traditional chiefs, youth, women leaders, and top government officials at the state, including Commissioners and state Ministers, on Friday 25th June.

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