8 people dies in Yirol -Juba road accident

Road accident in Awerial County, Lakes state that left nine people dead on Wednesday, 26th May 2021

At least 8 people have died in a fatal road accident between Yirol and Awerial county in Lakes state.The accident happened on Wednesday morning at Anyanchier village in Awerial.

The Landcrusier pickup was from Wau and spent night in Yirol and continue on a journey to Juba carrying 18 people.

Major Mading Makur is the director of traffic police in Yirol West county. He said the two cars collided killing seven passengers on impact and one person later succumbed in Yirol hospital.

He says the driver for the oil tanker is on the run and police is searching for him.

Salah Malang Panchol is one of the traffic police officer who visit the scene at Anyanchier village. He says it was not easy to retrieve people who were critical injuries from the wreckage.

He said they rushed those injured to Yirol hospital. Malang said 10 people are receiving treatment in Yirol hospital.

He attributed the cause to over speeding and cautioned the drivers to be careful when driving on a highway.

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