Lakes state governor sacked

Governor of Lakes state Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor (Left) and former Former Governor Makur Kulang (Right)

President Salva Kiir has sacked Lakes state governor Makur Kulang in a republican order read on SSBC this evening, Tuesday, 8th May. In a separate decree, Kiir appointed Gen: Ring Tueny as successor. The reason for his dismissal was not stated.

Former Governor Makur Kulang was appointed in June last year under the Unity government parties’ implementation. He was among eight states governor President Kiir appointed.

Since his appointment, several killings have been reported include the shooting of a Catholic Bishop in Rumbek this year.

On Monday this week, two aid workers were killed. The staff members who work for International NGO, Doctors with Africa (CUAM), traveled with a security escort, and their vehicle was ambushed in Yirol West County.

In August last year, Kulang has directed all soldiers to carry out disarmament exercises in the state. Still, the process wasn’t successful and could not stop the rampant killing which has been on before his appointment.

The New governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, was formerly appointed to defunct Eastern Lakes shortly after the president created 32 states in 2017 before the country return to 10 states. Kiir later appointed him as Chief of Military intelligence replaced Major-General Chock-rach Angich in 2019.

Last year, he became disarmament forces commander in the Bahr el Gazal region, threatened to use force against civilians if they didn’t surrender guns. The disarmament turned violence’s in Tonj left over eighty people dead and that process was suspended.

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