Leer’s residents warned of COVID-19 health risk

Some residents in Leer attended Covid-19 training.

The Humanitarians organization in the Southern part of Unity State have warned people for violating of COVID-19 health prevention measures. 

A National NGO said it trained community health workers to create awareness. The Universal Intervention and Development Organization- UNIDOR, a humanitarian agency operating in Leer, said ignorance of health preventive measures in remote areas has worried them.

This week the national ministry of health has confirmed 45 people have died dead of coronavirus, 2,200 have been affected, and nearly 1,200 recovered.

 NGO that is working in the Southern part of Unity State expressed grave concerns over violation of social distancing that will risk live of many innocent people in the remote villages. Organizations warned the state’s residents during the training of 42 community health promoters. The health workers trained were drawn from Dhornor and Payak payams in Leer County. 

Helen Madardo is the coordinator for UNIDOR. She said that “the training of health workers in Bomas and Payams will help deliver good messages about the pandemic to the communities.

Helen explained that the violation of social distancing includes local authority in the area. He said most of the people in Leer used to gather in the church. She stressed what I have seen is beyond, because youth are still dancing at night. 

One of the trainee Madeng Jany Diu appealed to county residents to take prevention measures seriously. He said coronavirus is “real”. 

Jany acknowledged that capacity building about the COVID-19 is vital to help them during public awareness about the virus.

 More importantly, wash your hands all the time per day. Secondly, stay at home during the coronavirus, which was affecting people. And we must avoid social gathering”, he advised. 

Community health workers promised to sensitize the community and tell them to stop mass gathering during this coronavirus period.

“So we shall use different ways to tell those messages to them although they might not listen to us as a youth, we will use different methods to convince them so that they can stop public gathering.

In Unity State, six confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded last month, mostly at UN Protection of Civilians -POC were many IDPs sheltered. 

Coronavirus has killed millions of people globally and caused more severe effects on economic gross to many Countries.

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