State wide livestock show and agriculture exhibition kickoff in Kuajok

Livestock at the show in Kaujok, Warrap State, Photo/TRC

One thousand farmers and cattle owners turn up ahead of livestock and agriculture trade fair in Warrap state on Thursday.

Today’s event in Kuajok gives herders and farmers groups opportunities to advertise livestock and local produce in the seeds fair exhibition in Kuajok Theatre.

The purpose is to encourage the commercialization of the livestock and farming sector. Farmers display their agricultural products, tools and demonstrate technologies, including irrigation systems and seed treatment.

Paul Thon Akech is the Head of Field Office in Kuajok, Warrap State. He said the winners would walk away with some cash amount twenty-nine thousand SSP equivalent of 70 US dollars.

According to FAO, over seven hundred cows, 400 sheep and goats were registered.

He said the groundnut, sorghum, maize, pumpkin, okra, and sesame would dominate most local products in the ongoing trade fair exhibition, which started on Wednesday.

Thon said the event is attended by top government officials, diplomats, and donors expected to arrive on Thursday in Kuajok, the last day of the exhibition. “We shall award winners who will be nominated by judges brought from Torit and Northern Bhar El Ghazal States,” Thon said.

In the exhibition, local farmers showcase the fresh produce of groundnut, sorghum, maize, pumpkin, okra, and sesame products of the 2021 harvest.

Some of the farmers who spoke to Mayardit FM said the program would renew the importance of animals in their lives, impact its economy, and restore hope for rearing animals.

A similar event is scheduled in Northern Bhar El Ghazal State in Aweil town this month.

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