Fresh food produce boost the markets, drops prices in Warrap State  

Turalie market with food stuffs on sale.

Customers in Warrap’s local markets are experiencing a gradual reduction in food prices as more fresh food is being harvested.

Some residents told Mayardit FM that one malwa of sorghum  now costs 1,200SSP that was previously sold at 200SSP. 

The demand for grains, especially sorghum, has reduced after local farmers harvested their produce after four months farming.

Some buyers expressed the hope of feed their families saying that only few people would purchase food from the market.

“Even though the food harvested is small, we are happy that prices have reduced. Maize, millet, sorghum, and even vegetables are already in the market and eat at home. So this is why the price has declined. This reduction is gradually, and we are expecting more drop as more fresh products are yielding.” Buyers happily explained.

A trader in Turalei market, Mr. Gor Deng Gor, said his business has badly been affected. He lamented that a day could pass without a client buying his Dura (Sorghum). He said that the people residing in the towns are still buying, but village residents no longer meet their customers.

‘’There are indications that local foods have become ready for consumption. The factual information is that not all people have cultivated because people residing in the markets do not have farms to eat, even though their farms are located in the villages. So the prices are reducing yes, but will be to the level it goes up to 300 SSP, ‘’Gor said.

While in Kwajok market, the cost of Malwa for dura is has come down from 2,000SSP to 1,000SSP with excepton of rice, maize, and wheat flour that still remain expensive.

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