Former ITGoNU blamed for delaying parliaments reconstitution

South Sudan Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro during workshop in Juba

The Minister of cabinet affairs, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, has slapped coalition parties of former Incumbent Transitional govt of National Unity (ITGoNU) for delaying the submission of the lists of lawmakers’ nominees for appointment by the President. The coalition parties were said to disagree over their proportion of three hundred and thirty-two in the power-sharing.

Hon. Elia’s naked secrets behind the political raw for the fourteen parties comprised of SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO (2), DC, and other opposition parties hindered the Transitional National formation Legislative Assembly (TNLA). The promised final list is due to be completed, and the President make an appointment. 

Minister Lomuro said other parties to the R-ARCSS include SPLM-IO, SSOA, and FDs, were said to have submitted their lists for appointment both in the national and state. 

The states and local government administration was formed in February this year, but reconstitution of parliament remained underground over disagreement not made public. South Sudanese citizens always hang up on social media propaganda, guessing time for forming the national parliament. 

“Let me be honest about it, the components of SPLM are yet to agree about the proportion of representation out of three hundred and thirty-two members of the parliament. And that is being dealt with because some members might not be there. Therefore, it has to be deal with in, diligent, delicate, and yet non-conflict manner. I can assure you the process is on now,” Lomuro explains.

Civil society activist Rajab Mohandis also attributed the delay to disagreement in former incumbent ITGoNU.

Mr. Rajap discourages parties’ scrambled over power-sharing proportion. And demand amicable solutions on parties’ differences for national and states’ parliament reconstitution. 

“They did not put so much attention to speed up this process to get the parliament reconstituted, to begin responding to the issues like both legislative issues and oversize intervention situation involving in the states,” activist echoed.

The Minister of peacebuilding in the Unity government, Peter Par Kuol, said R-ARCSS is not fully implemented. He said parties to the agreement had two years in Juba re-negotiating the deal, yet more are not being achieved. 

“There is no peace to be built in this country until we implement chapter two of security arrangement. And that is the merging of forces for us in this country to have one security force commanding by one President.”

Members of other parties include SSOA, IO, political detainees, and OPP expressed parallel views, demanding rapid implementation of Revitalize agreement. They reiterated that a trust-building political party is essential in the performance of the deal.

South Sudan missed to reconstituted the national parliament on time according to an agreement due to the political deadlocks that delay the peace implementation process.

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