South Sudan and Kenya agree to open Nadapal border for trucks

Eastern Equatoria state government and Turkana County of Kenya have agreed to open the Nadapal border as an alternative highway to ease the movement of trucks into South Sudan

The Minister of Information in eastern Equatoria was in the border over the weekend to seal the deal on behalf of his government.

Earlier this month, the two countries reached an agreement to upgrade the roads to ease the movement of goods and services. That road construction said was started last week.

The passenger’s vehicle has been able to access the roads beside trucks due to numerous challenges, including insecurity and poor road condition, a driver said. It’s remained unclear what government would do to improve the situation.

Kenyan trucks drivers used the Nimule highway through Uganda into South Sudan.

Hon Patrick Oting Cyprian, Minister of Information in Eastern Equatoria state. He says the move is part of the Northern Corridor agreement, in which South Sudan was a member. 

We discuss that small piece of land that was supposed to be graded to allow for the Nadapal border to be open so that the tracks can start moving from there because Nimule Border is so congested with so many trucks, he said

Hon Patrick Oting states that the road’s opening will bring about relative peace between the bordering communities. 

“If this border is open, even these issues of counter revenge and cattle raiding will stopInstead of going for raiding, they will consider building the hotel and doing other things. That’s the importance of opening the border to be open, Oting added.

Last week, several people posted on social media stated the Kenyan army crossed inside South Sudan. Authority admitted the move but cautioned that it was not an attempt to invade the country by foreign forces.

Minister, Oting says the Kenyan soldiers were only in Nadapal to patrol the road construction on Thursday last week. He revealed the agreement to allow the South Sudanese army to take charge of the security and safety of construction workers that will enable Kenya to pull back its troops.

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