Mary Ajith, step-down as AMDISS Chairperson

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) 's Former Chairperson, Mary Ajith Goch, (Right) with Jima Francis, the Acting Chairperson of AMDISS (Left) for official handover of office

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) ‘s Chairperson, Mary Ajith Goch, has stepped down.

She said her decision came after being appointed and sworn in by the President to lead the Board of Directors at South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation -SSBC.

The ADMISS Executive has board confirmed Jima Francis, the deputy, to become an Acting Chairperson until March 2022.

“I do hereby step down from my role as chairperson of AMDISS and handover the constitution to my Deputy Jima Francis Wani with effect August 4, 2021,” Ajith said.

In June this year, Mary Ajith was elected for another term as Chairperson, with other six members includes deputy Chair, Secretary-General, and Treasurer. The election of the new board members came after a three-day annual general meeting held in Juba. The members will serve two years’ terms in office before an election is conducted.

Ajith was later appointed in a presidential order as Chairperson for the Board of Directors at SSBC that made her vacate the post at Media Development institution.

AMDISS commended the contribution of its chairperson during her term. “Over the last three years or so, your leadership at the level of the board at AMDISS has been illustrated by courage, great ideas, and most valuable your effort to increase the credibility and visibility of AMDISS in the country, region, and international space on media advocacy policy,” AMDISS stated.

The Secretary-General of AMDISS Executive Board, Josephine Achiro, said the Media Association would strengthen free press and train journalists through its partner’s support.

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) is a membership organization of media houses formed in 2003 with the cardinal aim of building professional journalism.

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