Mayom commissioner survived an assassination attempt

The Commissioner of Mayom County Hon. James Chuol Gatluak

Commissioner of Mayom County Hon. James Chuol Gatluak had survived an assassination attempt after youth group fought with police in Bieh Payam.

Seven of his bodyguards were killed, and two other youth killed in self-defense.

Unity state Minister of Information Hon Gabriel Makuei said the commissioner is safe without sustaining any injury. He returned to Mayom headquarter on Monday, but attackers were not apprehended.

Youth in the area ambushed the commissioner when he attempted to collect cattle raided in neighboring Warrap state.

But youth disagreed with an authority’s plan. An estimated one thousand-headed of cattle was raided this month.

Gabriel assured the public that the situation is calm without any civilians’ displacement. The state authority is preparing for dialogue to resolve the internal dispute between youth and county commissioner.

It is not clear if the state authority will continue to retrieve the raided cattle after settling the disputes between youth and local authority.

Inter-tribal cattle raiding between Warrap and Unity states become a war situation jeopardizing peace among the people.

Many innocent people have been killed in regular cattle raiding, and criminals are not held accountable for taking the law into their own hands.

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