Medical workers at Mother Teresa hospital end strike


The health professional at Mother Teresa Hospital in Warrap State has resumed their duties on Monday following a week-long strike.

Medical workers say they have reached an agreement with hospital management on cost-sharing fees.

Last week, doctors protested, demanding payment on the money patients contribute once visiting the hospital.

County Medical Officer Dr. Barac Achuil Rual says the strike was called off, and medical staff returned to work after the cost-sharing issue was addressed.

He stated that patients will now access medical services without interruptions.

“As you were investigating my previous day, I said the is all about administrative issues. We sat down and discussed the matter, and they have agreed to resume their daily duties in the hospital. For those who heard that Doctors went on strike, doctors are coming back to operate the health service, he said.

One of the protesters is Dr. Bona Mum Adhukwut. He says the health professional reached a deal with the management on the matter that triggered the strike.

“The Hospital administration has called us and request us to resume our work for the safety of our people from sickness. Our complaints reached the higher offices of state ministry and Twic commissioner office and will be the one to talk with catholic agents to solve the problem challenging, Mun stated.

The Catholic Church in South Sudan manages Mother Teresa hospital. Its staff protested twice this year alone.

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