Report Road Accidents, Awarial Traffic Police Urges the Citizens

Bodaboda Rider in Mingkaman spoke to media

The Traffic Police department in Awerial County called on motorists’ riders to report accidents that happen.  The motorists’ accident has caused an alarm among County residents.

The Deputy Director of Traffic Police Officer Mapour Majok cautioned that some motorists’ riders committing crimes will not hide due to insecurity threats.

Awerial county traffic police department recorded five murder cases of road accidents early this year. Last week, a Boda Boda operator knocked a 6-year-old boy at Tukure village hide for several hours before handing himself to traffic police.

Police explained that it is not lawful to hurt a person and run away. According to the law if you are involved in an accident with a motorbike. The rider should be in the scene until the survey has done like what he did to leave the motorbike in the place of accident and report yourself to the police and not to run away not good.

Law enforcement

Local County in Awerial in Lakes state acknowledged that cases of a motorbike accidents increase. But, some Boda Boda operators in Mingkaman town have risen concerned about being targeted in motorbike accidents involved the passenger.

The motorists’ riders didn’t dismiss police department claims. They said the reason why they escaped the scene during accidents is to avoid being hurt by relative to the victims and dodge public confrontation.

Motorists’ representative talk in the condition of anonymity to Mingakaman FM.

He said ’’it is better to run away before relatives harm you, you can even be killed if fail to run for your life.” The reason for running is that people gather crying and they turn violence against you so the best to escape for safety, traffic police should be the ones to handle accident cases so our people must stop fighting us back. Our people should learn how issues to do with roads are addressed”.

Boda boda Riders urge citizens to refrain from violence and allowed traffic police to investigate road accidents.

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