Muslims calls for peace as the holy month of Ramadan ends

Muslims at during the prayers at Aweil Freedom square to marked the end of Eid al-Fitr.

Muslims across the country mark end of the Holy Month of Ramadan with a call for peace and reconciliations.

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated in the Muslim calendar every year marks the end of Ramadan, where Muslims avoid eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Osman Omer is the Shiekh of the Muslims Community in Mingkaman. He calls the Muslims and non-Muslims to forgive each other and work for peace.

It’s a great day to celebrate this event in Mingkaman. It marks the end of Ramadan is observed by Muslims over the Globe am calling for peace to prevail, and God bless South Sudanese people to join us in this celebration today,” He said.

Muslim leader in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Gazal has called the citizens to promote reconciliation as parties are implementing the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

Sheik Adam Deng Dau said South Sudanese should work with their government to end the long-suffering of innocent people.

“I am urged the general public to join hands with government national unity because many challenges face our community. Still, it needed us to team up with our government. I don’t want peoples to spread hate messages while peoples in peace, late embrace peace and unity, “Adam said.

Some community members welcomed the calls and urged the religious leaders to continue preaching peace and love to unite South Sudanese people.

“We welcomed the calls and delighted because there is progress in implementing the peace agreement, but what remains now is an economic crisis that needs our effort.”

“Ordinary citizens, we face many challenges during the senseless war that happened last five years. We urged signatory parties to work for the benefit of the community to deliver services.”

We’re joining hands with the government to overcome the challenges. Also, we are encouraging religious leaders to play their roles on revitalizing peace agreement as peace supporters,” Public views expressed.

On Tuesday this week, the people of the NBG state called the newly appointed lawmakers in the Transitional National Legislative to prioritize the public’s need.



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