NAS claims responsibility for the killing of six VP’s bodyguards

Dr James Wani Igga during opening of new terminal at JIA

The National Salvation Front- NAS has claimed responsibility for the road ambushed attack that killed six bodyguards of South Sudan vice president, Dr. James Wani Igga. Dr. James Wani was not in the vehicle during the incident; two soldiers were wounded, one abducted and destroyed.
The soldiers fall in an ambushed on Wednesday, 19th August, between Lobonok and Juba.
The vice president’s Office says the soldiers were on a government mission to visit Dr. James Wani Igga’s home in Lobonok. The press secretary Kalisto Lodu accused NAS of the carrying out this deliberate act of aggression. He described it as a serious violation of the cessation of hostility within the Revitalize Peace Agreement signed in 2018.
The attack led to the displacement of civilians in the area.
The spokesperson of the National Salvation Front claims responsibility. Suba Samuel says their forces ambushed and killed the bodyguards.
He accused the soldiers of being on a mission to identify their hiding location.
National Salvation Front, also statement issued to the media on 20th August, said the VP bodyguard was killed in action.

NAS is one of the holdout groups that did not sign the revitalized peace agreement, but it agreed with the government to end the violence through the peace process mediated in Rome, Italy.


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