National Minister criticized for disrupting a football match in Aweil

South Sudan Minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management Peter Mayen Majongdit

Football fans in Northern Bahr el Gazal have criticized a national Minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management Peter Mayen Majongdit for disrupting the march at Aweil stadium.

Fans expressed profound disappointment after bodyguards of the Minister allegedly fired a gun at the football stadium, blocking the Minister’s wife Aluel Garang, popularly known as Aluel Messi’s participation in the tournament. Fans said the national Minister’s action is “misuse of power.”

An eyewitness said they saw the national Minister interrupt the match, blocking his wife at the pitch. Aluel Messi was leading the team as captain.

NBGs football Association said the minister use power to stop the match, and the management compiles with his demand after the first half of the game.

“If the ministers who are the ones that pass orders can distract a football match, then what will stop the ordinary citizens from doing the same. The Minister should face a penalty for misconduct. We were surprised the Minister was trying to go to the field by force, and after some time, some fans started protesting against the removal of ALuel Messi, and shots were fired; we were shocked.

The Minister should have waited to solve the problem at home. He is correct because the mother of a baby with three months old left at home, but he should have done it peacefully.”

The Chairman of the Northern Bhar El Ghazal football Association, Jok Wol Jok, blamed the Minister for not informing the management about his concern.

He termed the action as “unacceptable” and urged the national government to hold the Minister’s account against misconduct.

“We condemn what happened, and Minister was wrong because you shouldn’t use force instead following the right procedures. The Minister should have told us in advance that she doesn’t want the wife to play football, and we would have respected his request.  But, good enough, we gave him his wife after the first half.”

Peter Mayen has denied all allegations made against him. Minister’s action went viral on social media platforms, criticizing unusual behavior.

He acknowledges that his wife is a football player but refuted any wrongdoing without further elaboration.

“Both are not true, I did not deny her from playing in the football team, and I did not shoot any gun”, Mayen said.

Civic society activist Edmund Yakani, director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), said the act is “unacceptable” the Minister should apologize to football fans in Aweil.

South Sudan Football Association commended the Minister’s act, described it as “inappropriate,” and urged him to allow his wife to exercise her talent. They considered action as an altitude that violates women’s right to participate in the country’s various sports activities.

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