Political Leaders blames of inability to control crisis twice.

National Dialogue Co-Chair Hon: Angello Beda addressed the delegates at ND conference in Juba, 03 Nov 2020

National dialogue conference begins in Juba to discuss issues of governance, economic and social cohesion to unite the South Sudanese people. Delegates from the 10 States and 3 administrative areas are participating in fourteen days deliberation. 

During the opening seasion on Tuesday [3rd Nov 2020], the Co- Chair of National Dialogue said citizens at the grassroots blamed the leaders’ failure to stop the crisis in 2013 and 2016 respectively.

The SPLM-IO of Dr Riek Machar and the National Democratic Movement –NDM led by Dr. Lam Akol not happy to support the peace dialogue initiated by the President Salva Kiir in December 2016. 

 They refused to participated in the process question the inclusivity and credibility of the national dialogue. 

Angelo Beda told the participant’s that the National conference consult the 64 tribes of South Sudan include refuges to make it inclusive. “I am confident that the dialogue was inclusive and God will judge if we’re not inclusive” 

Beda assured the delegates the dialogue is not about power, it’s about what affect people, unknown gunman, cattle raiding and community violence to be address. 

He said the peace dialogue was initiate to help the country to recover from the conflict that divide people on tribal line. And members of his team heard an experience of countries recovered from the post conflict through national dialogue include Rwanda, Liberia and South Africa. 

He highlights some of the recommendations gathered during the regional conference” People believe that SPLA failed to build political system in South Sudan and begin to build authoritarian system after being given opportunity to rule the South during the CPA 

“Prominent among the issues of what went wrong is that, the people at the grassroots blame the crisis on the failures of the leaders particularly under the ruling party, the Sudan People Liberation Movement. As we speak dear delegates, citizens, civil liberties are violated daily; freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, and even freedom to associate politically” Beda stated. 

The National Dialogue Co-Chair argue that the process will end injustice which the country has been experiencing for yearsPeople were arrested arbitrarily and detained, force disappearance as well as intimidation of journalists and political opposition leaders are common occurrence in South Sudan including the unknown gunmen who shot, left, and ran, and none of them is arrested although we have a lot of security personnel around” 

The head of UN mission in South Sudan, says National dialogue should make people voice heard, 

David Cheerer stated that people of South Sudan deserve peace and their leaders should work heard implement the revitalize agreement to bring back their hope. 

“National Dialogue was established to give people a voice, and a vertical time following the 2016 violent but the most of the dialogue is much different its reach people on the grassroots, with weight participations from the community, the famers, the women, the youth, the faith leaders across the country, and it is given those people across the country a chance to have their opinion and voice heard in order to save the future of South Sudan.” 

The Vice President of Service Cluster, Hussein Abdulbagi Akol, described the National Dialogue as a “need tools for conflict resolution” and his party support the inintiative since it adds on revitalised peace agreement signed in 2018.

VP Akol commended national dialogue efforts to resolve the problem facing the communities as a homegrown solution to indigenous problem. 

He said the Reconstituted Transitional government of National Unity -R-TGoNU is committed to address the roots of the conflict We are committed to addressing the roots of the conflict in the country. Attuned to that, we believe R-ARCSS, 2018, and the national dialogue are two sides of a coin – both geared towards answering the problems in question.

“Our government urges all here today to exert full efforts; discuss without fear or favor. The national conference in Juba offers an excellent opportunity, build valuable ideas and resolutions that will strengthen our government’s resolve to serve our citizens” 

The national Dialogue was initiated by the president Salva Kiir in December 2016 to address the root of conflict at grassroots. 

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