Nearly 30 Health workers in Aweil abandoned work over unpaid wages

Health workers at Light House COVID-19 Isolation Center in Northern Barh Ghazal state

At least twenty-nine health workers at Light House COVID-19 Isolation Center in Northern Barh Ghazal have abandoned their works over demands of three months unpaid wages.

Staffs were reported threatening the authority over unpaid salaries two weeks ago to quit the work, but no health ministry implementation.

Slow response from the authority provoked health workers who declined to continue providing medical care for COVID-19 patients until the administration meet their demands.

Health worker Akok Piol says they refused work without pay because their families needed financial support.

“We were given three months contract from December to February, but up to now, we haven’t been paid. WHO says the ministry has not approved the payment, and they can’t pay us without authority approval? So, we have decided to abandon the work because we are not considered.” Akok stressed.

Another Health worker Paul Garang said they had tried many alternatives to get our incentives paid, but nothing has been done. And resort to halt the work, leave the COVID-19 patients alone at the Isolation Center.”

Registered nurse Mary Biem felt scared for the pandemic increase. Saying, staffs are afraid because they were unable to buy soaps to protect themselves from COVID-19 patients.”

Workers further accused the Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Health of not approving their World Health Organization payment.

In December, Light House Isolation Center management reported that World Health Organization had shifted-in to pay 29 health workers incentives for three months.

One of the top officials at the NBGs COVID-19 Taskforce acknowledged the worker’s strike but declined to comment.

Akol Yam calls Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Health but could not be reaching.

Earlier this month, the Taskforce extended nationwide partial lockdown for an additional month to curb the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown became effective on 3rd March until April 2021.

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