New town Mayor appointed for Warrap State

Warrap town Mayar , Wol Aleu Wol (left) and his Deputy Ms Nyaror Buoi (right) during swearing in ceremony in Kwajok. (Photo; Governor ‘s press)

The Government of Warrap state has appointed town Mayor and his two deputies charged to manage Kwajok town.

This is the first decree Governor Bona Panek Biar has issued after was inaugurated last week at the State Capital.

Mr: Wol Aleu Wol appointed as the Acting town mayor and his two deputies includes; Nyaror Buoi, First Deputy Mayor for administration and finance and Daniel Deng Agany, for Hygiene.

The Executive Director in the Governor’s office spoke to Mayardit FM in Turalei. John Aguek Ajing said the new appointed officials will work closely with the governor to address high prices of food commodities in town.

’The new officials were directed by the governor today during the swearing to go and deliver needed services to the communities. They will monitor the prices of food items in the market’’, Ajiing said.

Kwajok’s town Mayor Wol Aleu Wol conveyed readiness to work with citizens and deliver them basic services.

He promised to improve the hygiene in the market and residential areas which he said need improvement.

Wol said his department will work hard to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and COVID-19. He discouraged random dropping of plastic bags, soda and water bottles.

In the cleaning we wanted people to unite with us in order to be conducting general cleaning of the residential areas and market. It is because this work is for all of us not only the government. When you stay in your house, No one can advise you to clean your home, please clean your compound up to outside the fence. Wol said’’

He further stated to repair the drainage channel to allow smooth passage water.

All roads within the residential areas which has holes or damage shall be repaired. We will dig water channel to allow the water pass through to avoid flooding. This will be done through local revenues collection. This is not a simple task but I and the team shall work together including the community to achieve our goals of development,’’ Wol added.

Mr. Wol Aleu Wol was the town Wayor of Kwajok during defunct 32 and reappointed over the weekend.

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