Nilepet starts renovating road connects to the oilfield in Unity

Road construction in Unity State South Sudan in 2020

NilePet has begun the renovation from Twic in Warrap via Wau to Unity state, the government’s own oil company. Officials say the project will allow the easy transportation of crude oil to South Sudan’s capital Juba and other parts of the Country.

The Dal-ke and Ability construction companies are implementing the initiative.

Joseph Mayol Bol is the Bar El Ghazel Nile-pet Regional Director. He says companies are using Murram and are expected to finish the work in three months. Road renovation started last week from Wunrok to Kuajok and Wunrok to Unity state, respectively.

“From Gogrial coming Twic here and proceeding to Unity is not suitable during the rain, and that is why we have given it a priority before heavy rain. So, we have now begun it from Wunrok back to Gogrial and from Wunrok here to Abiemnhom to Mayom County of Unity.”

Resident in Wunrok area where the road passes through expressed happiness, saying the renovation will also improve business through easy transport.

Others believe the road will strengthen security between Warrap and Unity states.

“These roads will improve patient mobility to the hospitals. This is because roads have been impassible. After all, they are damaged. It will improve security because vehicles can rush to the areas of insecurity. Trades between Abyei, Warrap, and Unity state.”

In March this year, South Sudan Nile-pet managing director Mr. Bol Ring Wuorwel promised to renovate the road connecting Unity and Bar El Ghazal.

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