Nine people detained in Bentiu IDPs Camp

Benitu Protection of Civilians site turned IDPs camp after management give to government

Authority in Unity State has reported it has arrested at least nine suspects connecting to the death of two people at the internally displaced camp.

According to an official, the deceased were two youth who fought and killed one another using knives.

The commander of the joint security force in Bentiu IDPs, Colonel Manyang Tap Chol, says the two young men hacked each other with knives, and both died on Saturday. And Those in detention are alleged to support the fight.

The two killed themselves, identified as Goanar Doar and Gatmai Kuony.

Col: Tap says the deceased had a long feud since September this year over an injury inflicted on Goanar Doar.

“The two young men called each other when they met, and they went alone carrying knives (Kokup) to where there are no ones to separate them. They held their hands tiredly and hacked each other with knives,” Tap said.

Authority says joint security forces have been deployed in all five sectors to collect local weapons and maintain peace among the IDPs.

James Gatkuoi, a deputy commander of joint security forces, says they investigate the nine people before appearing in court.

The UN has handed over the security of the Protection of Civilian site in Bentiu to the government of Unity State. It also transformed the POC site into an Internally Displaced Person camp in March this year.

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