Three people were injured in Bor after a dry old tree collapse on them

At least three people have been injured, leaving one in critical condition after one of the oldest trees collapsed. The incident happened on Wednesday evening around 7 PM in Bor, Jonglei state.

The tree is famous in the area which one of the residential names, “Langbaar,” in Dinkais scientifically known(Ziziphus spina-christi). Langbaar is located 3 Kilometers Northeast of Marol Market in Bor town and is believed to be 100 years.

Chier Jok, a 71-year local chief in Bor said the tree had been there before he was born.

He claimed the Sudanese Soldiers cut off the tree branches during the liberation struggle because of the fear of SPLA spotting the area using it for long-range bombardment.

“I am 71 years old, and the tree has been existing as Langbaar. It was the tallest tree in the area when I was a boy. There was no other Neem tree in the area. Even during British, when they were marking the road that goes up to the area of Athooch. It was known as Langbaar Ateet because it falls just in the territory of Atet Community,” said Chief Chier Jok.

Ustaz Makoy Dhal was nearby when the tree collapsed. He said they rushed in to rescue those who were knocked down by the dead branches of wood.

He said among three injured, two were women, one of them is in critical condition, and a boy sustained injuries.

Dr. Bol Chaw Manyang is the Director of Bor hospital. He said the woman critically injured has been transferred to Juba using an Ambulance for further medication.

The Ziziphus spina-christi tree, orLangbaar” in the local language, is a thorny tree that bears fruit. Its leaves and fruits are used for nutritional and medicinal purposes.


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