One hundred recovered cattle return to owners in Yirol

Cattle recovered from raiders in Lakes State

The community leaders in Yirol West County have returned over one hundred-headed of cattle to owners. According to the police, the cattle were raided in Rumbek East on Thursday by suspected cattle rustlers.

Authority said the recovered livestock had been given back to rightful owners on Sunday, two days after the raiding incident occurred. The raided cattle were traced through youth and community chiefs at Aluak Luak Payam in Lakes State.

Chairperson of Peace Committee in Greater Yirol Hon. Chol Kuotwel argued that handing over recovered cows to the owners would pave the way for a lasting peace among the neighboring communities.

The first time raided cattle were legally given back to rightful owners peaceful in Lakes State following years of inter-communal violence over cattle rustling.

“We want the community to cooperate with the government when your cows are stolen.  Come to the government to solve the problem, don’t take laws into your own hands.  Don’t go for revenge raiding; come directly to the government.  It will follow your rights from suspected criminals and give it to you without the coursing problem. So stop revenging. This is the form of cooperation we want to stop revenge.  Let the government apply laws and orders to eliminate crimes in the State,” Chol said.

One of the cattle owner Majok Thuc who has received his 29 cows being raided, applauded the initiative. He explained his cow was raided during grazing time. Simultaneously, calling the government and the community members to end cattle raiding and revenge killing.

“It surprised me to recover the raided cattle in Lakes State,” Thuc said.

He Stated that many cattle raided and never been returned to the rightful owners.  “My cattle have been raided three times, but this third raiding, my cows were returned. I’m happy and appreciated the State government for bringing back my cattle.  This is a tremendous surprise to the community of Rumbek East County.”

Another pastoralist said he has received forty cattle but still seven cows are missing.

Mangon Dut Madol commended the effort of Community leaders who said it will promote permanent peace among the neighboring clans in Lakes State.

“Government is still searching for the missing cows and am feeling secured here with community leaders they are working hands in hands with the government to maintain peace between two neighboring communities. The government has promised me to bring seven missing cows once trace out”.

Manyang Ater who has also got his 20 cows returned expressed readiness to support the committee on the search for rustlers

Traditional leaders of Apaak have done a great job with the entire community at Aluak-Luak to trace out looted cattle. Their leaders assure us to bring back the missing cows am now waiting for my two cows to be returned from the suspected criminals” Ater stated.

Last week suspected group from Yirol West raided over 200 cattle in neighboring Rumbek East County.

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