OPP finalized nomination of 3 deputy governors

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Peter Mayen Majongdit

The group of Other Political Parties known as OPP revealed that its internal dispute over the list of deputy governors’ nominees resolved.

This came after President Salva Kiir did not appoint three positions assigned to the other political parties.

Two weeks ago, six deputy governors nominated by SPLM and SPLM-IO were appointed. The remaining deputy governors are for Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Warrap, and Central Equatoria states.

Peter Mayen, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Other Political Parties’ leader, said the major parties take deputy governors’ positions within their alliance. But Mayen could not disclose the names of the political parties allocated to nominate deputies’ governors.

“Now, the appointment will happen. That is the president’s work, but we have resolved our issue, and we are working based on principles. One of the principles is that where you have prominence is where you go”.

The leader of OPP apologized for delay caused by his party. “we apologize for the delay”. We are now working based on an inclusive process with twenty-seven political parties regardless of their collaboration, regardless of their alliance.”

Mayen further mentioned the distribution of seats at states would be inclusive. And that his leadership is making sure there is equal participation.

“The positions even at the state level, where OPP have seats in the state, basically we have over sixty members of parliament and their state ministers. So, my leadership is trying as much as it can to make sure that everybody participates.”

Majongdit says it is essential to consolidate peace and have the guns silent. He acknowledges that the implementation is behind scheduled. Other members of the Alliance blamed Peter Mayen of creating misunderstanding over allocation of deputy government, a claimed he denied.

The parties to the revitalized peace agreement have not yet completed state and local government formation, which took several months.

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