Five crew died in plane crash

Wreckage of Plane crash in Juba after takeoff this morning, Tuesday 2nd Nov 2021/Photo by Denis Muye

South Sudan Red Cross reported that it had collected five bodies from the plane that crashed.

“Our team is at the plane crash scene at Gondokoro, Juba. We have collected five bodies burned beyond recognition. We will hand the bodies to the authorities,” Red cross-posted.

The Cargo aircraft 26 Antonov is believe to be own by Optimum Aviation company The plane crashed shortly after take-off at Juba International Airport. Authority says the aircraft belonging to Optimum Aviation company hit East of the River Nile.

Five crew members were on board, and their condition was not yet been established.

Kur Kuol Ajieu told The Radio Community that the rescue team had been dispatched to the scene immediately.

Several eyewitnesses said they had seen smoke in the sky toward the direction aircraft crashed.

Staff at Juba International Airport said the plane was loaded with goods and fuel heading to Maban in Upper Nile. No passengers were on board.

A Journalist who visited the scene, Logonyi Denis Muye said, the plane crashed in the Kondokoro area. And the details of the occupants are still sketchy. But the resident told him that no one from the village was injured, only the livestock.

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