Over 120 killed in clashes between soldiers and armed youth.

Armed youth in Tonj, PHOTO: Eye Radio

Death toll in the recent fighting between soldiers and armed civilians in Warrap State risen to 127 people. The army spokesman said one hundred and twenty-seven [127] people have died on both sides in Tonj East clashes.

Major General Lul Ruai is a spokesman for South Sudan people defence forces (SSPDF said among the dead were eighty-two civilians and forty-five soldiers.  

Lul also said 32 people were wounded and receiving treatment in Juba military hospital. 

However, the number of wounded people from the civilians’ side remained uncleared. 

The SSPDF said, members of disarmament forces have withdrawn to Ngap Agok to deescalate the situation.

The army official says two soldiers accused of triggering off the initial clash have been detained.

Gen Lul added that the investigation committee will be sent to Tonj in the coming days. 

“The chiefs are being urged to identify the suspects who attacked the military unit on the 8th August to ascertain the correct motive,” said Lul.

He assured the public that peaceful disarmament exercise would continue inTonj.

On Monday, multiple eyewitnesses in Tonj East County said more than thirty people had been killed when armed youth clashes with soldiers over the weekend. https://bit.ly/3fIJKhD

Traders in the Romic market also said their shops were looted during the incident. Food and non-food items are taken making it difficult for them to recover their goods. 

Some traders spokes to Mayardit FM.” These fighting has destroyed the entire market, including money, salt, mattresses, chairs, and others looted. If you come now, you wouldn’t recognize the market”. 

“Our life is no at the threat because we have nothing to eat. Even others were dressed by the locals just to cover from the cold. Some are left with nothing. Thus, we need support, “Traders said.

South Sudan army said calm had restored, and peaceful disarmament exercise will continue in Tonj.

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