Over 300 stranded vehicles in Tonj recovered from the trap site

Road construction in Warrap after cars stranded in October 2020

More than three hundred commercial vehicles have been stranded for three months in Tonj counties have managed to make their way out from the damaged site . The roads connecting states to the national capital Juba were affected by devastating flooding.

The Government said it had repaired the road connecting Western Bahr el Ghazal, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Warrap, and the Unity States.

Road was rehabilitated by the South Sudanese company known as Rhino Star. It has been an usual calls, residents in Warrap state demanded the Government to addressed poor road connection.

Public drivers whose vehicles trapped have confirmed that their vehicles are stranded for long have started moving to their final destination. Six cars were confirmed to reach their endpoints.

Drivers were seen smiling and appreciating the Government for repairing roads despite their unprecedented long-term suffering on the trapped site. Some residents applauded the State government initiative for retrieving the stuck vehicles.

“We spent three months since we left Juba only to be helped today. So, it is only thanks and happiness that we are mentioning. And we pray to God to keep the road working”, one of the drivers celebrated.

Another Driver who declined to be named said his vehicle was hired to transport goods and services from Uganda to Wau but temporarily stranded.

“Since the road is opened, we hope it wouldn’t stop again, and now it is a blessing. We now have our water, and the route is accessible. I am happy with the Government. Can you imagine the governor came to the affected area; it is a commitment from him”.

“The executive director has never stopped coming. He has been with us. So, some of the vehicles are already out, drivers are stressed.

Its Field Officer, Mr. Gai Chuti Garang, said the Government had contracted them to repair holes on the road connecting Wau and Tonj towns.

“It is a repair of the road from where we are to Rumbek because it is where the three states of Bhar Ghazel are connected. However, what we are doing here started in Wau called Kuajina because it was damage. Our target is to make goods coming from Uganda and other places reachable to the people. So, this is what we are doing” said Gai.

Two weeks ago, people in Tonj South mobilized themselves to fix the damaged road, but the plan was impossible due to thick flooding in the area.

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