Parties optimistic of graduating unified forces this month

Minister of Defense Hon: Angelina Teny [Center] with senior military officers in Bilpam's army HQ

The Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs is optimistic that the graduation of unified forces will start toward the end of January.

The graduation is recently scheduled to occur this week, as Presidential Advisor stated on National Security Affairs, Tut Gatluak.

Minister of Defense Angelina Teny met with security organs Tuesday, January 12, discussed the graduation of forces.

“We have just concluded a very crucial meeting. This meeting included me as the member of NTC, the mechanisms; JDB, JTSC to discuss the forces’ graduation, we have discussed timetable.”

Soldiers at the training sites have spent many months waiting to be graduated. Some left the training centers with the prostration of being abundant.

According to the peace agreement, the training and redeployment of necessary unified forces would have completed during the pre-transitional period of eight months.

Hon: Teny says lack of funds delay the process but hoping to address it this time.  She stated that the uniforms for organized forces would arrive in Juba on Wednesday.

“The Advisor who is the chair of NTC has promised us he will avail the resources for the graduation, so we are very hopeful, and it is very promising. We had the other challenge, and we just discussed the logistics and the uniforms for the organized forces. We have enough here for the army.”She said.

Since the Unity government’s partial formation last year, the parties decided to allow the unification process to go beyond the deadline.

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